Introducing GShop by Gokada!

Gokada NG
2 min readSep 30, 2020

Every restaurant owner who owns a business front (be it a physical store or from home) can attest to how tedious it can be handling business in Lagos. The list of things to do and needs to be met is unending; you have to intensify your marketing efforts to get customers, receive orders, then have them packaged.

The journey to scout for a dependable delivery service who will ensure a consistent customer experience from pickup to drop off is an entirely different story. The hassle with getting customers and having to keep them is enough to keep every business-owner occupied.

Now imagine a solution that takes care of all these needs for you — a digital front for marketing, delivery, and seamless payment solutions while you handle your food, ensuring excellent quality!

GShop, Gokada’s on-demand delivery platform is here to lift these burdens for you, share your food experiences with the whole of Lagos, and ensure that the customer experience is of consistent quality. That is awesome, right?

GShop is only available for restaurants to sign up at the moment. We hope to launch the platform for customers in October. Stay tuned!

Here are some benefits you stand to gain when you sign up on GShop:

  • 0% commission fee until October 31
  • No more 5km delivery restrictions
  • Seamless payments
  • Access to thousands of subscribers on the Gokada platform

Just like the game Simon Says, GShop Says: “Run your business with ease :D”

Sign up today!