Rush Hour Times in Lagos

Traffic is the most popular word in Lagos yet it is the most annoying experience Lagosians face daily.

Most Lagosians have learnt to cope with traffic in Lagos and with the help of traffic information every day, coping with traffic have become much easier as it gives us easy and safer alternatives. It is advisable to always know the rush hour times in Lagos in order to play safe and below are ways to escape rush hour times irrespective of your location.

Rush Hour from Mainland to Island in the Morning

If you live in the mainland and work in the Island, you should avoid leaving by 6AM rush hour. It is advisable to leave as early as 5AM in order to get to the island on time. It is better to get to work an hour earlier than the usual resumption time than to get to work an hour after your usual resumption time because traffic on the third mainland bridge is usually heavy after 6AM.

Rush Hour within the Island in the Morning

Sometimes, it can take more than an hour to get to a specific destination within the Island when the trip usually would have lasted for a few minutes. Traffic within the Island can be severe mostly due to its small roads and less parking spaces. The traffic is usually worse during and after heavy rainfall which causes flooding in some parts of the Island. If you are moving from VI to Ajah, escape the 3 hours trip by leaving on or before 6 AM. Rush hour time within the island starts by 6:35AM and it can get frustrating when a journey of 45 minutes becomes a 3 hours trip. Rush hour time within the Island is usually not a good experience because Lagosians are usually in a hurry and impatient drivers make mistakes that lead to road accidents.

Rush Hour from Island to the Mainland in the Evening

Rush hour in the evening starts from 5pm when leaving the Island to the mainland. From 5PM, most routes in the Island are blocked due to heavy traffic and it gets worse when there is a heavy drainage due to rainfall. Traffic on the third mainland bridge is usually a tough one and you can spend 3 to 4 hours in the bridge during rush hour time. To escape rush hour traffic, it is best to relax in your work place or bar till past 6PM in order to have a smooth trip back to the mainland. Do not rush at rush hour times; there is so much fun in relaxing.

Rush Hour within the Island in the Evening

If you are moving from Victoria Island to Lekki/Ajah, you need to also relax till traffic dies down if not, you will be spending more than 3 hours for a 45 minutes trip. It is advisable to leave by 7PM or 8PM in order to have a smooth ride home. You can decide to have dinner at a restaurant while waiting for traffic to die down so that when you get home, you shower and have a good night rest.

Most Lagosians have used these rush hour tricks for smooth rides and are already used to the lifestyle.

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