Investigating the set of questions on how banks should act and build towards financial inclusion

In October 2018, the World Bank launched Universal Financial Access by 2020 — an initiative committed to banking the ~2 billion globally unbanked.

Now, we are in 2020.

The change towards financial inclusion is too slow to achieve the World Bank’s goal.

Under the current COVID-19 isolation, financial accessibility is needed more than ever — low income households will be disproportionately affected by this pandemic.

This crisis can be turned into an opportunity of adoption for innovative solution, especially for the traditional institutions resistant to change. Global Findex outlined the importance of leveraging “mobile phone ownership and access to the…

Exploring what matters to the self, breaking the resistance to begin and contributing gifts for a shared purpose — Living celo.

For the last 3 months, I worked on Celo, an open platform building financial tools accessible to everyone with a mobile phone. This is the common definition of Celo. Most people don’t realize celo means purpose in Esperanto.

Why would a blockchain platform call itself “Purpose”?

The power of giving something a name, brings the thing into reality. Celo’s focus is on user-first products and building with our ecosystem, giving purpose to its users is the key ingredient in the recipe of Celo.

As the cryptoasset market slump continued, with the total market cap shrinking to $131 billion and few signs of recovery, a panic atmosphere settled in among enthusiasts towards the end of 2018. The question arises: What does the 2018 crypto market crash mean for blockchain adoption?

There are several key contributing factors, which partly explain the price drop of cryptoassets, and help us understand the consequences for adoption:

Regulatory Pressures: ETFs and U.S. Regulators

Gökçe Güven

creativist at the intersection of design, tech and sustainability.

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