How to enhance mobile interactions with sound design
Will Littlejohn

This is a great article. I’m currently studying UX design for a career shift and to be honest I’ve never considered this aspect before, so I’m golad that I came across this article. While reading the part ‘This key decision created additional utility for people. For uploads that take longer to complete, people don’t need to stare at the progress bar. Instead, the “post” sound plays once the post is published. This allows people to move on to other things they’d rather be doing instead of watching the progress bar.’, it immediately reminded me of Sketch and sound interaction I hear after I upload my wireframes to InVision. Some people might have mentioned before, but I’m wondering about the design process for sound interactions. When do you start designing sound interactions and when do you add these interactions to your design process? I’m curious because design process is a long journey and you have to prioritize certain things during this process. Considering sometimes people use their mobile phones or laptops muted, I’m wondering if adding sound interactions to a product is a last step or not.

Thanks again for sharing this article!

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