Go Keyboard (free) for Android — Download Go Keyboard 2018

Go Keyboard 2018
Apr 7, 2018 · 2 min read
Go Keyboard (free) for Android

Go Keyboard is an application that helps typing on a mobile phone or tablet PC to be more easy. This app is developed by Go Dev Team. Android users can download this app for free in the Play Store by logging in to the category of Tools. Go Keyboard requires memory of 5.3 MB with Android version 2.0 and above. This app has already been downloaded by over 50 million Android users

To activate Go keyboard we have to make arrangements so that this app becomes a media typing key on the mobile phone or tabet PC us. The first step is to activate the Go Keyboard as media typing main. The second step is to do the settings on the application Go Keyboard. In part this setting, we can set the Theme, Sound, Display, Input, and also Chinese Settings. Go Keyboard is also supported by many language support can be selected, ranging from English, Chinese, Indonesian to Urdu are available on this app.

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Main features of Go Keyboard is predicting words that we will write. This feature facilitates and accelerates the process of typing we. This app also has a dictionary of words that can help us when writing. In addition, there are also features storage word and repair word automatically. If we’re going to put one contact in a message, the app also has a feature “Import Contact” which speeds up the writing of the contact on the message.

Other features that support the main features of the Go keyboard such as Emoji, Themes, Fantasy Text, Pad Mode, and Multi Point Touch make the app more complete and help the process of typing. Only, this application will be deemed too small for the users who use android phone or tablet is small, because the virtual keyboard that appears quite small so often the case one of typing, especially for those who have large fingers.

Overall, this app is very easy for Android users in doing typing on your phone or tablet PC.

Source : gokeyboard2018

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