How to Use Go Keyboard 2018 for Android

Go Keyboard 2018
Apr 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Go keyboard 2018 is a multilingual application that allows the user to adjust the keyboard for android. Go keyboard 2018 can support beautiful themes. The main features of this application can be integrated dictionary and give know the meaning of any word in the form of language and emotions. Then, how to use this app?

Go Keyboard 2018

The following will review how to use go keyboard 2018 for Android :

1. Please download and install Go Keyboard 2018 for android

2. Open the application Go Keyboard, go with the men-tap and Select Go Keyboard 2018

3. Going to the page input, check Go Keyboard 2018

4. Then will go to the page before last, but this time the choice of options. Select Switch to Go Keyboard 2018

5. Next will appear the pop-up menu, Change the option to Go Keyboard 2018

6. Click the Language menu

7. Select the language of Indonesia if you want them, mark the checkbox, then press the Ok button

8. Press the Ok button, will go to the google play page

9. Press the install button to install the language support of Indonesia to the app Go Keyboard 2018 . This step is optional. Skip if do not want to enable the feature recommendations said

Then the application Go Keyboard 2018 is ready for use. The following will discuss how to change the theme in Go Keyboard 2018:

1. Open the application Go Keyboard 2018, then tap settings, select the theme

2. To search for a new theme, can be selected tap the categories or top. the local tab just for the theme that is already installed

3. Select one theme, and then select Get Free

4. Install via playstore. after finished go back to the settings page of Go Keyboard 2018

5. To enable it, on the menu settings page Go Keyboard 2018 , a press local menu and press the theme that you recently installed last.

Source : Go Keyboard 2018

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