Swiftkey Keyboard 2018 Latest Version

The application Swiftkey keyboard into a virtual keyboard which has a very good development. In an effort to have the competitiveness which is superior compared to the Gboard and other competitors, now Swiftkey comes with the update is the most significant since acquired by Microsoft.

There are many changes that occur in the application Swiftkey version 7.0, the possibility of the biggest changes occurred in the features of the new Toolbar. The Toolbar is marked with the icon “+” on the top left of the keyboard. If the user presses the icon, it will appear a new menu to find all the favorite features of users, including emoji, GIF, theme, and clipboard. However if You are an Android user, will get more features in there.

Swiftkey Keyboard 2018 Latest Version

New exclusive features for Android users is the Stickers. Similar to most apps another keyboard now Swiftkey allows users to send a variety of stickers, different to anyone. They can send the sticker directly as is, or edit it first to make it according to taste.

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Will Swiftkey will also be adding location sharing so that users can directly send those or send the location which has previously been stored, as well as a calendar feature that allows You enter a schedule of meetings in the application default calendar.

Swiftkey Keyboard 2018 latest version add eight list of new language. Now you want to download, You can download Swiftkey 7.0 now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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