Summer Mixtape ’16 — The Throwback: Recession Beer Lives On

Summer Mixtape ’16 is a series of short pieces written in… the summer of 2016.

It hasn’t been quite yet a decade since our beloved U.S.A was drop-kicked into a death-quake-nami of financial turmoil by the likes of old, fat, white guys who were really really into money.

Recession Proof

However, forever the optimist, I like to celebrate some of the finer ‘wins’ that came from such a dark and haunting era. Even as mid-2000’s college graduates are still slobber-knocked by their career earning potential that was practically guillotined back in 2009, a great American invention was founded.

Some would call it savagery. Some would call it bravery. I call it ingenuity (suck on that word, haters):

The Recession Beer. (chorus of whaaaaattt???)

We all go into the bathroom at a bar, less than sober and sometimes… oops there goes my beer into the urinal/toilet. But, the mavericks of the millennial generation in the midst of a recession broke down the social taboos of picking that beer back up, and taking a nice long swig. Go Recession Beer! Go Millennials!

Look, it’s no lie that we’re now a nation of IPA drinkers, every brewery including Guinness brews one. And even though they make farts smell like a raccoon and a weasel died during a cross-species orgy in a septic tank, we LOVE them.

It’s also no doubt that this deliciousness from a good brewery can cost money. I had a keg of Ithaca’s Flower Power at my wedding reception and it cost more than my wedding ring and my puppy combined.

But, we can thank the Titans of Trash that rose from the darkness of the 2008 recession for breaking the taboo of picking a beer up from the urinal and continuing to drink it.

Just the other evening, my good friend witnessed a man drop his beer right as he was relieving himself and without hesitation pick it right back up and secure it in his grasp. Even took a sip on the way out of the W.C. My friend and this, we’ll call him, ‘recession veteran’ took one look at each other at the sink and said ‘yeah, recession beers’.

And so even from our darkest moments, we grow. Therefore on this year’s Summer Mixtape we celebrate a throwback and we throwback a nice, recently, possibly peed on Recession Beer.

Hey, if you’ve ever had a recession beer Follow me and I’ll keep writing about the weird stuff you do.

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