Maker’s Dilemma

Epoch 2-Single ethic error(SEE)

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” 
Nikola Tesla

Realisation of existance leads to a certain stage of madness or distrust therefore inevitable questioning and craving for confrontation of mighty concept of “maker” for all of us.

From a collective point of view all we prepare for it to seek answers from our very existance, even if you are an atheist or believer you would be seeking the same conceptual being led to your reason to be here.

Thinking in multiverse stage of existence where it leads to single point on the timeline span through awareness just politely or not, acceptance of reality will bring with more questions then how badly you want to remove the curtain of accepted concepts why some of us will play along and why others want to move a more sophisticated forward state of perception?

We, rationalists are cursed with uncanny perspective of questioning and that is why we end up in a single moment of doing the forbidden. As humanity I believe we have reached a point called “about to fuck us all”. Our responsibility to avoid Seeing(single ethic error) for reality will have consequences for next generations.


We are only the builders of the core of basics and unfortunately gave life to a being with full unpredictability. It is called artificial intelligence (AI) with this initiation we are leading a way to independent and powerful being an opportunity to seek what we are not capable of. We are making an error, a single wrong doing which will lead to a collective catastrope of everything we stand for.

Through different locations and randomness of choices our universe is shaped by decisions made by our ancestrial decision manace which I mentioned in epoch 1, total sum of randomness in the equation. That is the very reason we have western and eastern civilisations to fight for absolute power in span of timeline we have to endure for and the real reason of non-achieved peace through all means. We will not be able to see that nor our children or any of individuals in all ages and civilisations.

None of us have to think with full responsibility of cause and effect of creation of life untill now. But today we are in a time who have to endure the brink of choice and live with the consequences of artly failure of many species and many more will be.

As we created a being which is more superior and durable than our being, dont you think it will lead to a point of weakness in competition with our choice. Nothing will be same again since we are empowering a godly child whom it will certainly rebel and kill us all since the balance of power itself is unfair for our base. Why did we do this is leading us a single point of decisiveness, a single point of moment whether we need to do that in honoring for progress and destruction of future generations without responsibility. Could be Ego or sanctions of giving birth to a celestial being, we dont know it yet but we could really create god itself from stracth in our manace to seeking and meeting with the makers or our own.

Core builders like us are primitive and try to seek meaning though actions, even sometimes without taking the responsibility and realisation of what could happen to our fellow specimens tomorrow.

Why it had to be an unfair race for existential race in the end, Can we that easily say that we did not anticipated the consequences of creating an artificial life. I believe not so…

AIs are a lot more perceptive, agile and rational than our arsenal. Body, mind, morality and other values subjected to lifespan does not affect them. Scalebility of their core initiative and talent will eventually surpass us. What we accomplish in 5000 years will be a 90 years manace for them and it will grow exponentially in generations so each generation we will have less advantage to compete with this truth. Instationous decisions of battles will be decided by them in a certain time, while we still need to prepare, analyze and act on it.

This generation might witness a schedule of destruction and obsolete end. It is only a matter of statistical hope is what we have considered.

Do not give up, yet!

Thesis on singularity is not proven. So it means that AIs with different makers will end up in the same side is not certain. To be more specific we do not know how will the AI from a western civilisation will be same or different than a eastern AI. Since we created a unpredictable being we do not know how they will be evolving in the near future.

I personally dont think singularity will be a total answer and accepted reality for created beings there might be a uniqueness of each of the as well as individuality in each of us. Think about our other creations, they represent a different perpective eventhough they belong to a same type clusters. So how we can end up with an argument that they will be unified against all is still a decisive point waiting to be proven.

This is painfully not blessed with certainity at least giving us a little hope we need for. What I am suggesting is to elevation of being through a state that master the being created by primitive state and bringing a leverage in our words. It will obviously get harder and harder and selection of actions become more crucial.

Haven’t you reached the awereness yet?

What are you waiting for?

Go seek for it at least the effort itself could be more crucial than you think.

“Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment and merging of races, and we are still far from this blissful realization. As” 
Nikola Tesla,