If you love travel, love food, or simply own a TV, you know exactly who Andrew Zimmern is. He’s the host of Bizarre Foods and What’s Eating America. He’s also a four-time James Beard Award–winning chef, a producer, a writer, a food activist, and a of course, a world traveler. He is probably the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to food.

My travel philosophy is so aligned with Andrew’s. At it’s core, we both realize that travel is all about connecting with and learning from the people we meet on the road. I chatted with him…

Rolf Potts is one of the most important writers and thinkers in travel. His book Vagabonding is considered to be the bible of long-term travel.

I’ve known Rolf for quite a while, but after I interviewed him for a live event recently, I took some time to reflect on his advice. Here are the 3 lessons I learned from that conversation:

1. Be where you are

Rolf has a way of inspiring you to observe and appreciate the moment. Whether we are traveling, working, or hanging out with family, our minds are very often elsewhere. Instead of actually experiencing the reality of any given moment…

It’s been nearly 3 months of quarantine. Covid-19 certainly forced us all into an unprecedented situation. The world has never had such a widespread and global shut down of nearly everything as we did when the stay in place measures were put into place. And given that the world is just now starting to slowly open back up, I wanted to reflect on my time in quarantine, while the moment is fresh, and share the three lessons I learned from being in quarantine for nearly three months.

1. Don’t hide your authentic self

With everyone quarantined and working remotely, I noticed that people started bringing more…

I love to travel with my family and friends, but most of my travels have been by myself. This started out as a necessity, since I couldn’t always find people who were willing or able to go on the trips I wanted to take, but I immediately fell in love with solo travel and it’s been a core part of who I am.

So here are 3 lessons I learned from traveling by myself…

1. Spending time alone with your thoughts is the most important things you can do to live an intentional life.

The best way to explore what’s true to you and examine how you’re living up to those truths requires extended periods of time with yourself. You…

Over the past 3 months, I’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in travel for my podcast, talked to thousands of travelers through the #TravelFromHome community we launched in response to the pandemic, and have sent surveys to millions of travelers in the TripScout community (the #1 ranked trip planning and travel entertainment app… at least when people were actually traveling). I’ve also been interviewed by most of the top publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post on this subject. I’m not an epidemiologist and can’t predict what will happen with the virus, but I am someone…

Don’t be the traveler that stands on a street corner, anxiously searching review sites in order to find where to eat dinner. Here’s my simple guide for efficiently picking the right restaurant without any of the stress:

1. Avoid greeters — If someone is standing in the street trying to get you to come in, don’t go. There’s a reason they need someone to coerce you — the food and service doesn’t speak for itself.

2. Avoid TripAdvisor — If it ranks highly on TripAdvisor, don’t go. It’s a tourist trap.

3. Find locals eating –If a restaurant has earned…

The travel industry has no shortage of clichés, but here are three common travel phrases that need to stop:

1. “Be a traveler, not a tourist”

Labeling people as travelers vs tourists is a form of discrimination. It pins “us” vs “them.” It says we’re cool, you’re not. Travelers should always encourage each other to always travel more and deeper — whatever the situation — not make it sound like only certain people are allowed into the party.

2. “Like a local”

As a foreigner, you are isolated (for the most part) from the political and economic situation, societal pressures, and restrictions that are placed on locals. Your presence is temporary…

After surveying tens of thousands of TripScout users and travelers, the cost of flights is the number one reason people don’t travel more. Once you land, you can typically find accommodation or food for any budget, but airfare is the one equalizing expense in travel — or is it?

The following list is a complete but brief summary of how to score cheap tickets for your next vacation. It’s based on everything I researched and tested as a traveler to ~100 countries and industry insights as the CEO/co-founder of TripScout. …

Konrad Waliszewski

CEO/co-founder of TripScout & @gokonrad on Instagram

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