How I Maximized Productivity by getting Out of my Comfort-zone!

Being productive is often associated with the notion of being focused , disciplined and meticulous whenever it comes to our work. There are however, a myriad of unfortunate instances where our output does not live up to our overly-ambitious idealizations.

These epiphanies are often followed by us reflecting back on what went wrong , which led to the the materialization of the sub-par piece of work that we now associate with a piece of turd.

Often times we only have ourselves to blame; however, there are instances where we have fabricated an idea of what we want to achieve in our head, but can’t fathom what we are missing to make it come to fruition.

Many of us who actually take our work seriously would take the time to reflect and see where we might have went wrong and how we should move forward ; pledge to minimize distractions like scrolling through instagram for pics showcasing the Jenners’ assets, or when all else fails, simply pin our hopes on the notion of trying harder hoping that our next project would come out better.

I am a major culprit of adamantly following this ritual.It has definitely been helpful and is a commendable practice ,but it has also made me cognizant of how much time I was actually wasting; time which could have been better used to scroll for more Jenner pics!

This is the problem with trying to be productive all by yourself.

  • You often unknowingly find yourself a prisoner of your own mind, and are stuck with a singular perspective on how you approach your work.
  • You are your own worst critique without you even realizing it. Your overly-smothering ego is always there to unconsciously protect your feelings, and won’t let you come to the understanding of how shit your work actually is. (This is something I always find myself in gripes with)
  • You may not be as motivated to push yourself to produce the best work you can when you do not have someone to compete with or prove wrong.
  • There may be something fundamentally wrong in your approach,but without anyone to highlight this you would be stuck in a perpetual state of inefficiency .
“A small tweak may be all that it takes to get the engine running”

As much as I hate to admit it, I am aware that I hate to take criticism. I have always dealt with the neurotic tendency to take criticism personally and although I could handle it after it was dished out, I rarely ever put myself in the position to readily receive it. This was a feeble attempt of mine to remain safely ‘sheltered’ in my self-illusioned comfort-zone.

Thankfully by the grace of ‘logic and a good dose of reality’, I finally decided to stop being a bitch ,and took it upon myself to ask people for their critique and advise on the projects I was working on, such as during the establishment of my brand primordial. The result of this switch in ‘pussiness’, had resulted in me spending way more time scrolling through instagram for skimpily-dressed models, which definitely equated as a success story to me.

(Pls excuse my detestable superficiality)

Here are the main reasons as to why I am going to continue to stop being a bitch.

  • People can provide you with multi-faceted perspectives which may be just what you needed to see the hurdles you were stuck with in a different light and overcome them.
  • They can provide you with creative ideas and tips that could inspire you to elevate your work to a level that you would have never possibly imagined otherwise.
  • This may not apply to everyone, but I can see it being relevant to anyone who is attempting materialize an idea that they have harbored in their heads. Anytime you consult anyone about your ideas or work, it is one step closer towards shepherding that idea out of your head and into reality. This would naturally push you towards taking your work more seriously as you realize that this is no longer just a ‘thing’ being toyed around within the confines of your mind.
  • Lastly it always feels good when you see people impressed and excited by your work; always makes you feel like you are actually The shit.

At the same whenever it comes to listening to others’ advice:

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own” -Bruce Lee

You should always consult someone relevant such as a an individual who is part of the market you are targeting, or someone who has been in the same shoes as yourself and has been there done that.

I still always feel overwhelmed by an unsolicited cloud of anxiety, whenever I put myself in a position to receive criticism,

but remind myself that I should:

  • Push my ego aside.
  • Stop unnecessarily wasting my own time, and instead get others to do the work for me.
  • Remember that no successful individual ever made it to the top on his own.
  • Remember that this would ultimately result in me improving my work and craft .

And I hope that after reading this article you do the same!!

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