Dialectics of Digital Consciousness : A Cognitive Continuum

There is a current of dialectic experiences running through a digital consciousness. This ensemble can be termed as digital dialectics. At the same time, not every digital experience is dialectical. Some are either illusory or delusional. Some other experiences are redundant and hallucinating. Digital dialectics involves a true discovery of a fragmented self through multitude of discrete moments.

Interestingly, digital dialectics cannot be termed either negative dialectics or pragmatic dialectics. It is rational and relational. It can be experienced through a discrete state of mind. Discrete nature of mind is often supported by the modern theories of neuroscience. Even when it is discrete in measurements and enumerations, mind is relational and real. It has as an astounding ability to sense and interpret.

Digital dialectics binds together all omni-channel experiences and virtual reality encounters. Online and offline channels exchange the digitized version of experiences. When we immerse customers in a digital device — data confluence, it is a cognitive continuum. The physical properties of the devices and the semiotic interfaces of data weaves together this cognitive continuum.

What is digital, without physical? Is digital anywhere, anyhow different in comparison to physical experiences ? Every physical form of matter is essentially digitally conscious. It runs through the minutest elements of life and life processes. Due to the unique nature of digital consciousness it forms a colloidal and coagulant cognitive conjugate in the innermost experiences of our mind. Perhaps there is a polynomial of digital consciousness that appears to be a physical continuum.