Psychological perspective on Dvaita — Advaita idea of God!

India school of Philosophy constitutes to the major by Dvaita and Advaita ideologies. The logical and scientific referential analysis of both ideas be the subject of your future inquisitiveness. For today, my quest is purely on the need of such ideas as for an emotional appeasement of an individual’s mind. Human mind, in its conscious state, works tremendously fast to be inclusive enough of all that’s close to our lives, as to the priorities we denote it with. Meanwhile the common pattern visible would be our belonging to major bifurcation of human character; of being either Dominant or Submissive.

I will do that. I’m the one meant to do it. Too many cooks just spoils the broth. I know the pros and cons. Depending on someone else just reduces the effectiveness and increases risk of failure. So let me be the One to take it to conclusion.

We might have such confident personalities around or we might be the one like that, to be able to take decisions by oneself. For such a person, Advaita philosophy would act as a real booster to life. Advaita advocates the Oneness among all, from matter, space to time. So such an identity about own Self just helps us to know the bigger and better picture of any scenario we wish to know better, helping in a decision making process with clarity.

Teamwork is the solution to ensuring fruitfulness. Let me contribute being a team-player. Such a cause requires resources, which I think I might be able to provide. To live a life of contentment and satisfaction is my only desire.

Human population has a majority of this kind, who likes to settle down in life of simplicity and who loves to live in surprises it presents than going for definitive approach. Dvaita philosophy advocates existence of different Jeevatma and Paramatma (a Self separate from the Supreme Being). The idea of taking up responsibility/credit/decision-making by oneself, if felt to be a possible nightmare, this alternative helps to maintain the genuineness of selfless efforts, while accrediting that Supreme One with the outcome of all those actions and activities.

Destiny may decide the outcome of our actions, but we are endowed with the freewill to how well should we perform the same.

So be free to choose a spiritual perspective while embracing a future of opportunities and experiences to keep ourselves evolving to circumstances. Wish you the best for the same.