Both Justin Sun and Ned Scot are misleading the crowds

Misleading masses while being politically correct

If you are confused by the announcement and what it means you are not along. Many are confused. Let me start with clarifying the major confusions.

  1. No Tron didn’t buy Steem Blockchain. He can’t. That is the point of decentralisation.

Most people had written off the concept of open source just two decades ago. But is an unstoppable force today. How can we make sure it stays this way or gets better.

Drupal : An open source project I was part of

Open source today is unequivocally the engine of innovation; whether that’s powering technology like operating systems, cloud, big…

At-least I know that I don’t know.

Not Much. But that is ok. I have made my peace with it. In fact this has helped me a lot. I have started enjoying a lot of things, without thinking what people will think about me because I know the extent of my ignorance. You should try this too…

Gokul N K

Inquisitive, Student, Teacher and a wanna be Story teller. Working on

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