Make as few decisions as possible. Learn meta rules that will help you eliminate or automate decision making based on their impact.

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I chose this image because in real life choices are rarely binary and there are additional dimensions :)

A couple of years ago I realised that I suffer from Decision Making Fatigue. These are my notes about what I learned from it and how I am trying to address it currently.

Everybody suffers from Decision Making Fatigue

Yes everybody suffers from decision making fatigue. Some might accept and some might not. But what I have realised after some initial discussion I have heard all people accept that decision making takes up a lot of mental space and it leads to fatigue.

Other than decisions you make for fun and kick (An example would be decisions you make in video games or games in general), most of the decisions take a toll on you. If you think otherwise do let me know in comments I would like to know more about your perspective. …

Summary of my notes of the TedX video by Josh Kaufman

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image from Pexels

Today I came across this TEDx video which kind of captured some of my recent fears in learning new things. This is the video if you would like to watch it for yourself. You can start at 396 seconds if you want to skip the intro.

Here are the notes from the talk.

The myth of 10,000 hours

This is a hugely popular quote that you would have heard time and again. If you need to become good at something you need to have at-least 10,000 hours of practice in that skill. But what many people forget is that this is for you to become the PROs in the competitive fields. Let us accept the truth. Most of will never become that and many of us don’t even aspire to become that. Then why this obsession about the 10,000 hours rule? Becoming reasonably good at a skill is sufficient most of the times. …

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Justin Sun does a hostile takeover of Steem Blockchain

@justinsuntron collides with centralised exchanges to take over Steem blockchain.

1. Steem buys Steemit Inc the company that rolled out Steem blockchain and owns considerable Steem tokens.

2. @justinsuntron and @realNedScott make it appear like @Tronfoundation bought Steem network which was far from truth.

3. They tried to pull off a scam. Community was quick to recognise this and called them out.

4. @justinsuntron While promising witnesses of a dialogue and that he would hear their concerns, he colludes with centralised exchanges like @binance @HuobiGlobal and @Poloniex uses the tokens stored on these exchanges to power up.

5. Using this steem power they replace the top 20 witnesses with their own. Hardfork to Version 0.22.5 while the community driven witnesses are still on 0.22.4444 …

Both Justin Sun and Ned Scot are misleading the crowds

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Misleading masses while being politically correct

If you are confused by the announcement and what it means you are not along. Many are confused. Let me start with clarifying the major confusions.

  1. No Tron didn’t buy Steem Blockchain. He can’t. That is the point of decentralisation.
  2. Steem blockchain is not going to stop. If you felt that steem blockchain was bing abandoned that is because they chose the words smartly to make it appear so.
  3. No you don’t need to migrate your dapps to Tron. Nobody will. They are just portraying it wrongly.
  4. Steemit is not steem blockchain. is just one interface to interact with steem blockchain. They are multitude of sites like steemit. Check and you will realise that both these pages are similar because they are reading the content from the same blockchain. Just that there UI/UX is different. …

Most people had written off the concept of open source just two decades ago. But is an unstoppable force today. How can we make sure it stays this way or gets better.

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Drupal : An open source project I was part of

Open source today is unequivocally the engine of innovation; whether that’s powering technology like operating systems, cloud, big data or IoT, or powering a new generation of open source companies delivering compelling solutions to the market.

Paul Santinelli, General Partner NORTH BRIDGE

In survey in 2016 by Blackduck, it was observed that 96% of software products developed that year used open source software. …

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At-least I know that I don’t know.

Not Much. But that is ok. I have made my peace with it. In fact this has helped me a lot. I have started enjoying a lot of things, without thinking what people will think about me because I know the extent of my ignorance. You should try this too. It will liberate you.

This is the TLDR version and I will be linking to this post in all my future posts.

Read on for the longer version.

I don’t claim to know everything. In fact with every passing day I am realising that I know less. I will strive to learn from feedback provided by others. …

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The story

My wife generally doesn’t loose her temper. But when she does she is a firebrand. There is one thing that triggers this side of her consistently. That trigger is when my wife sees somebody throwing plastic waste on roads. I have seen her blasting people on the go and sometimes stopping their vehicle to blast them.

I was pretty much used to these episodes but one day I blurted out “If you really care so much you should provide them alternatives. If not you are just doing all these just to make yourself feel good about it.” …

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ATMAON : Though this word sounds like a Sanskrit word(In Sanskrit ATMAON means souls), it is just an acronym for my favourite phrase “According to me, as of now”.

Repeating these words in your mind when you are in a discussion, debate, fight, quarrel or when you are giving a lecture, advice, suggestion or when you are trying to prove a point to someone keeps your feet grounded, mind sane and heart happy. At-least it has worked for me.

ATMAON has two halves ATM and AON. Both of which are equally important.

ATM : According To Me

The first half (According To Me) says that whatever you are saying is your opinion. It reminds that what you are saying need not be the truth but is only your perception of truth.(I am assuming that you are not trying to fool somebody with views which you consider are not true). …

Did you know that you can clap more than once on medium articles?

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Clapping in shadows from

If you have opened to read this article you fall into one of the following categories.

Category 1 : You didn’t know that you can clap more than once on a article.

Don’t worry you are not the only one. I bet there are many people like you. That is exactly the reasons for this small experiment. If you have not clapped more than once earlier do it now. On this article or on any other article.

I made this is as the first category as I think this is the majority. I did a small validation to verify this and I feel that it is true. …

Get to know the best of both the platforms and where they can collaborate

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I have read multiple discussions online comparing Medium and Steem. Most of the articles generally make it seem like it’s Medium v. Steem. While that might be true in some contexts I personally feel that there are multiple areas where they play a complimentary role to each other. …


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