The weekly CEO e-mail



  • Top of Mind
  • Performance update
  • Miscellaneous

Section 1: Top of Mind

Section 2: Performance Update

Section 3: Miscellaneous

  • Kudos / Props: Collecting kudos from team members and including them in the weekly update can be a high-visibility way to recognize people on an ongoing basis. Definitely its own section, unless it’s a one-off Kudo, in which case it can fit within Top of Mind.
  • Questions: This email is a good channel to periodically pose a question to the team, a question you want broad input on. For example: What should we be doing on the partnerships front that we’re not doing today? Fits nicely in Top of Mind.
  • New team members: Acknowledging new folks who’ve either started on the team, or will join before the next email. Separate section.
  • Customer quotes and stories: If you’ve spoken to customers or have shadowed teams whose job it’s to interact with customers, think about including select quotes (praise or constructive criticism) in your email. This can be a powerful forum to highlight to the company what truly matters — the customer the company serves. A customer quote could be a great way to start off the email, even ahead of Top of Mind. Or it could highlight and emphasize one of the Top of Mind bullet points.
  • Review summaries: Any summaries, notes or takeaways from product or business reviews (this is for companies that do formal reviews).


Not a CEO (yet)?

What it looks like

  1. Top of mind A: Description. Shout out to (Person) for their analysis on this project.
  2. Top of mind B
  3. Top of mind C: I know we’re not doing well here, so let me ask all of you — what should we do differently? Please little-r me with the answer this week, and I’ll summarize and send out next week. I am hopeful we can come up with something powerful and radically different.





curious optimist. quizbowl coach. dad and husband. caviar lead @ doordash. previously square, facebook and google.

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Gokul Rajaram

Gokul Rajaram

curious optimist. quizbowl coach. dad and husband. caviar lead @ doordash. previously square, facebook and google.

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