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What is Portainer ?

How to install ?

Use Following commands in shell to deploy Portainer for Linux,Mac and Windows 10 (with wsl 2 or Linux containers mode)

After logging into local endpoint…

For standalone WINDOWS Docker Host


You can export the list of all the packages installed using -

pip freeze > requirements.txt

Then push the requirements.txt file to anywhere you want to deploy the code, and then just do what you did on dev machine -

$ virtualenv <env_name>
$ source <env_name>/bin/activate
(<env_name>)$ pip install -r path/to/requirements.txt

And there you have all your packages installed with the exact version.

You can also look into Fabric to automate this task, with a function like this -

def pip_install():
with cd(env.path):
with prefix('source venv/bin/activate'):
run('pip install -r requirements.txt')

Sources :

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