I crossed the wilderness and braved the ascent, for although my feet hurt, in my heart there was you!

The Birth Of Himalayan Wild Child

How Mother Nature changed my life


Ever had a feeling so beautiful that words didn’t suffice to describe it? That’s what we live for, that’s what we strive for and that’s what the daring ones risk their lives for. An overwhelming rush that ensues a state of euphoria that no drug in the world can give you.

No wonder it’s called ‘nature high’ because that’s exactly how I felt when I met my muse, the Himalayas. Her majestic massifs towering over the picturesque valleys below alludes to how a mother bear watches over her cubs in the wild. The breathtaking aura of these mountains gave me a sense of serenity that I never found elsewhere. Positive vibes filled the air and the cool breeze brushed against my skin, making my utopian dream come to life.

You can look at her for hours like a son who lives far away does, when he comes home to his mother. Silence becomes the form of expression and there exists no communication barriers. She looks back at you with the same warmth a mother exudes when she embraces her long lost son. No matter how long and arduous your journey is, she keeps motivating you by revealing a little more of her magnificence with every step you take. It is her constant presence that makes every moment of your journey so blissful. So far away from civilization, basking in the glory of her love, she makes you feel that you are finally home.

That’s what mother nature does to you. She exists in various forms and casts a profound impact on your existence. She exists in the form of mountains, seas, waterfalls, grasslands and so many more. It’s funny how you fall short of words to describe the time spent with her and how effortlessly she answers all your questions without the use of words or expressions. Go out into nature and find your muse. And let her glory inspire you to do great things in life. We all are her children, and the Himalayas made me feel that I am her wild child who will keep coming back to her no matter where I dwell.

Since that first glimpse of her , I often go to visit her, we talk for hours silently and I come back a better man with a fresh perspective to take on life. And it is because of this inexplicable bond we share, that she is my mother, my muse, and I, her child, Himalayan Wild Child!

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