Our GOL is to recruit interactive and engaging members of the community that are interested in contributing to the project globally.

Ambassadors are the bonds that holds the GOL team together! Ambassadors are leaders of the community, representatives of the core team, knowledgeable on the technology and products, and carry…

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Supra Finance! Auto-compound your liquidity pool tokens with Supra vaults. Take your $GOL LP and visit Supra to have them automatically compound your rewards for you!

Simply stake and forget. Your LP positions will build over time so the longer you stake, the more your position grows.

Supported FIELDS:


You can view the GOL vaults here: https://gol.supra.finance/

About Supra Finance

Supra is a project for Defi on Binance Smart Chain implementing innovative low, medium and high risk investment systems. Supra Finance offers several investment options, including Vaults. These vaults automatize the compounding process on farms so the user doesn’t need to worry.

Join Us

Website: https://golfinance.io/

Whitepaper: https://golfinance.gitbook.io/golfinance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceGol

Telegram: https://t.me/golfinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/rWzy87T7bT

The team has been celebrating the anniversary of the life of Maradona’s who was said to be one the greatest football players of all time. “He was an Argentine professional soccer player who passed on Nov 25th, 2020. Maradona won many awards over his career, one of them being the…

In order to celebrate the addition of our single staking pools, we are hosting a mini $GOL trading competition! Below are the details to the competition:


  • Sign-up date: Join our community at any time prior to or during the competition!
  • Competition period: 21:00 UTC NOV. 20 – 21:00 UTC NOV…

Earn more rewards by staking $GOL for $GOL

The time has finally arrived that our Single Staking Pools will be live and operational beginning Saturday, Nov. 20th at 21:00 UTC Time! Gather your $GOL tokens and stake them to earn more $GOL. This will encourage people to hold and utilize their $GOL tokens to earn additional APY! …

Welcome to Gol Finance! Now that we are live our mainnet, it is a great time to benefit in our liquidity pools. By providing liquidity to our platform, you will be assisting us in being able to provide the best possible price when swapping tokens. When providing liquidity, we will…

This will be the beginning our biweekly updates where we update the community every two weeks on the progress we have made! GolFinance has been live on mainnet for two weeks with the amazing support from our community! We have successfully launched our V1 features which include our GolSwap and…

Our team is very excited to finally announce our token pre-sale launch on Binance Smart Chain! With less then 24 hours to the pre-sale event, the excitement is really starting to heat up! Check out the details below to join us in our 7 day milestone event!


  • Total: The…

Our small team had large ambitions from the beginning, with a strong will to participate in the decentralized finance space, we put our heads down and went to work. The team has been working diligently off the field ensuring that our protocol is ready for game day. With the success…

Gol Finance

GolFinance is a DeFi protocol with the mission of maximizing users yields while providing a secure, fast and low gas fee experience.

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