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Freelancers work hard, but getting paid a decent rate doesn’t always come easy. After the early days of accepting every portfolio-building client, and lowering rates to outbid the competition, most freelancers eventually ask themselves, “

It’s important to remember one thing: nurturing your current clients is as important as landing new ones. But, how do you raise your rates without burning bridges with current clients?

Copywriters, SaaS providers, and every other type of service provider has this problem. …

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“The course of true love never did run smooth.”

-William Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Maybe Shakespeare had nothing remotely like the modern freelancing economy in mind when he wrote that line. But any freelancer knows that the road to is just as bumpy. You’ll have ups, you’ll have downs. You’ll have strong months when it appears you’re invincible and will win every client you ever meet…and then you’ll have slumps, when it seems like the business of the world has dried up.

But your slumps should never be so bad they make you think of quitting. Instead, you…

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Your success as a freelancer depends on your relationship with clients. Earning the trust of new clients through the initial proposal process is a challenge, but a manageable hurdle if you go beyond the basics. You know you should promote your individual talents, but what really sets your proposal apart is when you highlight why your service benefits the unique needs of your client. Here are some tips you might not have thought of that will ensure you’re winning more clients.

1. First Impressions Matter

You may not be a big agency, but that doesn’t mean you should submit amateur client proposals. It’s not…

Every full-time freelancer hears occasional comments like, “Gee, wish could get paid while doing my laundry.” Sure, being able to work while wearing your favorite dinosaur slippers is great. But there are downsides to freelancing that many people just don’t get.


Gone are the days of the 1040 EZ. If you run a small operation with few expenses, you can probably do your taxes yourself. However, if you need to take multiple deductions, you should do yourself a favor and find a good CPA. …

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Freelancing is more than just getting the job done. Freelancers are known as great hustlers. You have to market yourself, manage your finances and deliver quality work at the end of the day. It all seems like a lot, and for new freelancers, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are countless tools to assist with various aspects of your business. Here are five great tools that every freelancer should try.

1. Basecamp

Project management is essential for freelancers. Basecamp is a fully interactive solution that allows contractors to collaborate and communicate with clients and other partners on any project. The platform is…

The idea of throwing off the oppression of the nine-to-five working day, along with the freedom of setting your own schedule, and potential for higher earnings, can make freelancing seem very enticing indeed.

But there are downsides to making your own way in the world. Freelancing might not be the best approach to work for everyone, and anyone who does fit the freelancer mold is going to have to make some sacrifices while chasing their dream.

Here are a few questions you ought to think about to make sure that freelancing is right for you before you take the plunge.

How Well Do You Handle Uncertainty?


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