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Accomplishing Cisco CCNA Security (Cisco Certified Network Security) accreditation affirms that a candidate has associate level knowledge and aptitudes required to safeguard Cisco networks. It approves that you have what it takes to build up a security foundation, perceive dangers and vulnerabilities to systems, and reduce the security threats. Hence before taking the certification, one must know in depth about the goals and objectives of the training program. So this article is about introducing you with the CCNA Training in Hyderabad.

What is the objective of the CCNA certification training?

The CCNA Security training modules are designed such that to lay stress on the elemental security technologies, including installation, troubleshooting and checking network devices to keep up the data and integrity of the devices, confidentiality and accessibility, alongside competency in the innovations Cisco utilizes as a part of its security structure. The objective of the CCNA certification training program, therefore, is to produce adept network security professionals with sound knowledge.

What are the different topics covered in the CCNA training program in Hyderabad?

CCNA training program covers the following topics:

1. AAA on Cisco devices

2. Cisco firewall technologies

3. Cisco IPS

4. Common layer 2 attacks

5. Common security threats


7. Secure network management

8. Security and Cisco routers

9. VPN Technologies

What skills will a CCNA certified person possess?

A CCNA certified candidate will possess following skills at the end of the training:

1. Ability to configure, install, operate, and troubleshoot medium-sized routed and switched networks

2. Will be able to optimize and manage network systems, focus on networking infrastructure, including switching, routing, security, wireless access, and WAN.

What are the pre-requisites of CCNA certification?

A candidate is expected to have the following skills before applying for the CCNA certification:

1. Should be able to understand common security threats.

2. Should have successfully completed a valid CCNA Routing and 
, CCENT, or CCIE certification.

Best CCNA Certification Training in Ameerpet

There are so many institutes that are providing CCNA Training in Hyderabad. The course curriculum is far or less similar but the quality of the training is what makes one institute superior than the other. Hence, when looking for the best, it is none other than Golars Networks.

Golars Networks is the leading CCNA Training Institute in Hyderabad, India that offers an unparalleled CCNA Security Training in Ameerpet. It is one of the best CCNA consultancies in Hyderabad. With their CCNA security training they aim at developing skillful security professionals. They achieve this excellence by adopting the contemporary and advanced methodologies of training at the largest CISCO laboratories. The company has a fleet of highly trained and certified trainers that share their technical knowledge and experience in the most practical manner. Also candidates can access the lab facility at any time they want.

So, if you want to gain an experiential learning along with the CCNA certification, you now know where to go in Hyderabad!