Why to go for F5 Load Balancer Training in Hyderabad?


Load Balancer is basically a device that maintains availability of the network even in the event of excess traffic. ‘F5 networks’ is an American company headquartered at Seattle, that initially used to manufacture and sell some load balancing products but now it specializes in the products and services related to security, applications delivery and cloud based markets. F5 offers a number of certifications which serve as accreditation for a candidate’s knowledge about the F5 products. One such certification is the F5 load balancer certification that offer quite bright career opportunities in the respective domain. Therefore, F5 Load Balancer Training in Hyderabad is one of the most sought after course nowadays.

Let’s have a glance on the curriculum of F5 Load Balancer Training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad:

· Authenticating Application Traffic Using a Remote Server

· Configuring Dynamic Ratio Load Balancing

· Configuring Load Balancing Pools

· Configuring Monitors

· Configuring NATs

· Configuring Nodes

· Configuring SNATs

· Configuring Traffic Classes

· Configuring Virtual Servers

· Enabling Session Persistence

· Health and Performance Monitors

· Introducing Local Traffic Management

· Managing Application-Layer Traffic

· Managing HTTP and FTP Traffic

· Managing Protocol Profiles

· Managing SSL Certificates for Local Traffic

· Managing SSL Traffic

· Understanding Profiles

· Using Additional Profiles

· Working with the OpenSSL Utility

· Writing iRules

What you will learn during the F5 load balancing training?

Once you complete your training you will be able to do the following:

· Understand what actually is a load balancer

· How to configure a pair of LTM in Active — Standby

· Will Be able to configure a Virtual server

· Configure a Pool

· Configure Monitors

· Configure Nodes

· Create Monitors

· How to connect and license an F5 LTM device fresh out of the box

· How to Terminate SSL on the LTM using Profiles

· Know how to assign IP address to the LTM device for networking communication

· Learn to speak the F5 language

Who is eligible to take F5 training?

Though there are no such pre-requisite as to who can take the training but it is expected that a person should have an interest in knowing about the F5 Load Balancer and F5 LTM features and functions. Although, any experience in this domain will be a plus.

F5 Load Balancer Training by Golars Networks

Where to take the F5 Load balancer training in Maitrivanam, Hyderabad?

If you talk about Hyderabad, there is only one perfect spot –Golars Networks! The company is best in class networking company and it provides all the recognized trainings and certifications such as Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, F5 etc. It also provides internship and placements in various IT companies across Hyderabad.

So, if you are wishing to get a good job in the field of networking, reach Golars Networks for F5 load balancing training certification in Hyderabad as it has the best faculty and the methodology is such to give the trainee a solid insight into the F5 networks!

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