Attainments by the Gola Group Of Restaurants

The era of Sizzlers in Delhi attributes to Gola Sizzlers; at the heart of their presence are sizzlers. Gola Sizzlers is the place Delhi aims to get the food which is mouthwatering and worthy. With a gesture to rising engagement in health and nutrition, Gola presents Sizzler items that surpass the most noteworthy benchmarks for healthy feasting selections.

Mr. Arun Kapoor, Co-Owner of Gola Sizzlers, is a restaurant entrepreneur with a dream of displaying genuine Northern Indian food to the American people. It date backs to 1978, when Mr. Kapoor boosted a water-by-the-glass sales venture in the city of New Delhi in conjunction with his dad, Mr. Arun Kapoor and Mr. Kapoor’s late father, K. L. Kapoor. The endeavor extended to more than 78 workers and still counting at present. In 1983, Mr. Kapoor began a frozen yogurt providing food benefit that majorly focused on five-star hotel s in New Delhi. By 1989, Mr. Kapoor and his dad had extended and initiated their first banquet hall facility, named Gola Banquet, which progressively developed into Gola Restaurant in 1993. The business spread to six lobbies over a time of ten years, building up and finally finishing in the two business visionaries’ biggest lobby yet, the Rajwada Palace (2500 maximum limit), in 2002. There are as of now 11 Gola Restaurants working in New Delhi apart from the 3 lavish banquet halls. Mr. Kapoor plans to acquaint the American public with the Gola Restaurant experience, conveying true Indian food to the United States.

Gola Group of Restaurants has been ‘Characterizing the fine feasting Experience’ throughout the years! An aggregate devotion towards client administration and a refined sense of taste is our controlling rule and the factor that separates us from the rest.

We put forth an admirable attempt with a specific end goal to guarantee that every aspect of Gola Group of Restaurants reflects the superb level of quality. Gola Group guarantees of a memorable experience in an exceptional and tasteful mode.

Right from the friendly & educated staff, exquisite cuisines, clean and comfortable ambience, and giving a memorable experience are the foundations of the Gola Group of Restaurant.

List of the restaurants owned by the Gola Group:

1. Gola Northend, Derawal Nagar, Delhi

2. Gola Eastend, Karkarduma, Delhi

3. Gola Sizzler, USA, New Jersey

4. Gola Sizzler, CP, Delhi

5. Gola Wow, CP, Delhi

6. Gola Sizzler, Dwarka, Delhi

7. Gola Sizzler, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

8. Gola Bar Be Que, NSP, Delhi

9. Gola Sizzler, sec 29, Gurgaon

10. Gola Sizzler, sec 14, Gurgaon

11. Gola Sizzler, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

12. Rajwada Palace, GTK rd , Delhi

13. Gola Ceremonial, Kirti Nagar, Delhi

14. Gola Premier Inn, Rohini, Delhi

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