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Nothing to do with Jack’s point, how ever, I would like to make a point about another reader on Medium K Streip — if you are going to insult me then have the guts with wit as Alan Ishach - to allow me to defend myself! FYI “your so far left honey” is a European term used when referring to left wing intellectual elitists i.e. Jeremy Corbyn the BBC & Gaurdian newspaper etc. Europe 95% increase in rapes ‘Streip’ go check out Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, France Italy & Greece — you should have read my comment more carefully ‘not 95% in FRANCE though under Macron likely to rise since he is Merkel’s ‘lap dog’ and his Momawife/ex drama teacher probably tells him what to say — I guarantee the rape crisis will be off the chart with another 10 million MALE MUSLIM immigrants landing into Europe. I had thought this medium was a place where we could talk dirty about the reality of elitist ex Bankers (world recession 2008) Macron Rothschild banker? Doubt Macron was a dealer - to tame, he’d be slaughtered in the Citicorp I knew before 2008. But the kids of the clever dealers turned out like Macron and brought the world economy to its knees. That’s all and Jack I sympathize. Oh and Streip I don’t take meds honey that’s for the millenials!!!

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