Forget Flat and Curved, Samsung’s new Display Stretches

May 25, 2017 GoldandBlack All, Technology 0

Here we thought the next cool screen tech would be foldable displays. Turns out, they could be stretchable.

Samsung this week showed off new display technology that looks kind of like a trampoline. The 9.1-inch stretchable OLED display prototype, which Samsung called the first of its kind, can be flexed in two directions, unlike conventional flexible OLED displays that can be formed in only one direction (such as bending, folding or rolling).

The company’s technology lets the display maintain its original image quality while increasing the screen depth up to 12mm when the display is pressed.

The technology is only a prototype right now, and Samsung couldn’t say when it could show up in real products. But the company predicted that it may one day be used for wearables, internet of things devices, and automotive and artificial intelligence applications.

“It is considered to be a very promising future technology,” the company said.

Along with being the world’s biggest phone and TV maker, Samsung also has huge operationsmaking displays and other components. It uses those displays in its own products and also sells them to other device makers. As people get bored with smartphones and other devices, companies like Samsung are looking for ways to make the gadgets innovative and exciting again. That includes incorporating advanced screen technologies.

When it comes to futuristic displays, Samsung is one of the market leaders. Its flexible displays are used in its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones. Those devices don’t actually bend, but the flexible characteristics are what allow the screen to curve around the sides of the phone. Samsung has also shown off foldable and bendable displays, which its head of mobile, D.J. Koh, has said he’s “very, very much interested in.”

LG also has worked on advanced screen technology. It showed off a “wallpaper” TV in January at CES in Las Vegas. The superskinny OLED TV hangs on a wall and protrudes no further than a couple of coins stacked together. Unlike the new Samsung stretchable display, LG’s TV, called the W7 OLED, is an actual product you can buy, for about $8,000.

Samsung showed off the new stretchable screen technology this week at the Display Week trade show in LA.