Purchasing Out Top-Notch Chemicals.

Over time, purchasing original chemicals like 3 MMC, 3 CMC, 3 MEC, 4 MEC and 4 CMC is becoming more difficult. This is because most online and offline sellers of such products, do not guarantee the authenticity of their chemicals unlike us. In Gold Chemicals, we produce and deliver top-notch chemicals with quality and caution.

3 MMC Research Chemicals:

Also known as 3-Methylmethcathinone and 3-Mephedrone, is a less potent chemical compared to 4 MMC. It is a molecule that belongs to the substituted cathinone class. There aren’t much research about 3 MMC when it comes to Pharmacology as of today, only speculations and unpublished works.

3 CMC Research Chemicals: Another research chemical that has a close relation to 3 MMC. These are usually produced in a form of a white crystal. Just like the first drug, further research about this chemical is needed.

3 MEC Research Chemicals:

Also called as 3-methylethcathione with stimulant effects. When you are purchasing a chemical like this, it must be in its purest form to avoid delay on your next product.

4 MEC Research Chemicals: Usually referred as 4-Methylethcathinone with a legal status of Class B in the United Kingdom, and Class C in New Zealand. This chemical does not have a lot of history, in fact, it is useful for the future of chemical research.

4 CMC Research Chemicals: Sometimes named as 4-Chloromethcathinone or Clephedrone, commonly used and sold as a designer drug. Like most unknown chemicals, this one also does not have that much of history when it comes to medical science.

Purchasing at Gold Chemicals

Research chemicals are difficult to find and obtain, that is for sure. Here at Gold Chemicals, we try our best to offer our clients the best products and services. As we put up our website, it is to make sure that our clients will have a hassle-free transaction when it comes to choosing the chemicals, weighing them, quantity and quality, paying for the product, and speaking to one of our employees.

We highly recommend that you purchase our products, as they are 100% pure. These chemicals are stacked in a safe laboratory to ensure that none of it will lose its fine form and quality. Before we send them to our buyer, we let the final products go under some tests to verify its accuracy.

Due to some restrictions, we also make sure that we choose the proper clients to avoid conflict. We only communicate with buyers who are more than 18 years old, with the knowledge that the following chemicals are not meant for oral or any type of human consumption. Legal issues broken by our buyer will not be tracked back to us, so it is important that the buyer is well aware of the nature of these chemicals.

For the safety of our clients, we suggest that the following products will be carefully used, and should not be reproduced for commercial purposes without any legal documents. Whether it is wholesale or not, Gold Chemicals will make sure you are in the right place!

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