How Fantasy Sports Betting Differ from Traditional Betting?

During the recent years, sports fans from across the world are making full use of fantasy sports traditionally (at the offshore sports book) and attempting to make a profit through Daily Fantasy Sports. These pursuits offers different ways of investing hard earned currency into predicting the outcomes of sporting events, but both offer an exciting way to get involved. Here, an attempt has been made to draw a difference between daily fantasy sports and offshore sports books betting.

  • A Personalized team

While playing DFS, one should focus on the performance of individual players. This requires good, understanding and knowledge of the statistical side of the game. Even the minor details involved in making up a game matters. Especially while betting in DFS, you should be able to figure out the weakness and strength of your player, which makes it a bit easier. However, betting at a sports book will have a much wider variety of options, which implies that the player requires several skills.

  • Bookmaker to beat in DFS

The commissions for DFS are effectively higher than those charged by bookmakers. Whereas, sports betting involves putting player’s skills against the skills of the odds compilers and handicappers that are employed by bookmakers. These people are very skilled, and they are essentially the main reason why the sports book business is so profitable. As they set the odds and lines with such efficiency that it is incredibly difficult to gain an edge over them. It is possible, but challenging!

  • Betting with masses at an open marketplace

Today, the sports book industry is a great place for fantasy sports as there are many companies fighting for your custom. Here lies the real competition! This has led to a scenario where there are many features and promotions available, especially for new users. It also means that customers can shop around the sites ensuring that they will be able to gain the best available prices on any bet they want to place.

However, in DFS there are hosts of Daily Fantasy Sports sites in the market. The advantage is that the major giants are in direct competition and endeavors to try and out do the other site by offering similar bonuses to the sports books.

  • It is all about Legality

DFS can be played just about anywhere, by anyone and everyone, but what exactly makes it different from regular sports betting. Sports betting is completely legal in many parts of the world. Certain regions, like the United Kingdom for example, have bookmaking shops where you can bet on any sport you want. In many other places, online betting is 100% legal and fully regulated.

In exceptions like the USA, the only way to bet on sports without having any cause for concern is to use Las Vegas books. This is legal, and perfectly safe too. Betting online is an alternative option, but it is not an entirely legal one.


Both sports books and DFS sites make healthy profits, so it is going to take significant hard work and study to make a profit here whichever you choose. To come at a decision on better option is not something anyone can suggest. Rather, it depends on the player whichever to choose in search of more profits and entertainment.