How to get an easy long term tourist visa to Indonesia?

Want to stay long in Indonesia without agonizing of leaving the country after the visa has expired? Well, here is the panacea to your problem!

According to my own escapade, getting a visa in Indonesia is a cake walk. Also extending your visa is not so troublesome and you can extend your stay in Indonesia only once if you have a visa on arrival (which most of the tourists prefer because it’s a fuss free and the fastest process to get an entry to the country). But what happens when your ad junction to the visa on arrival expires. Unfortunately, in that case you are required to decamp from the country, even it is for an hour. Isn’t that irritating? Certainly, it is. When I peregrinated here for the first time, I entered this country through visa on arrival and could only extend the visa once. But guess what? I found the solution and it engendered well for me. The solution is to travel to Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) and claim for the tourist visa from there. The visa officer would grant you a 60 days stay at a stretch and the visa can be extended 4 times subsequently. The people are quite friendly and do not entail a lot of documents. The things that are supposed to be accorded at the visa counter are as follows :-

· Original and copy of your passport

· Return ticket from Indonesia to some other country

· Demand draft made from Maybank of 170 Malaysian Ringgits (Visa fees)[Maybank is 2 mins walk away from the embassy]

· Two passport size photographs (Specifications — 35 mm * 45 mm with a white background)

· Duly filled and signed visa application form

The whole mechanism usually takes one day’s time and the Indonesian embassy known as the Consulate of Indonesia, is a 10 mins drive almost everywhere from the main city. It is always endorsed to reach the office on time and proffer the passport as early as possible in order to avoid the delay in the process. The visa section of the embassy opens from 9 A.M. Shorts and provocative clothes are a strict NO NO!

Besides above all, one could also relish the immense beauty of the city Kinabalu and feel the joy of getting everything done like clockwork.

Good luck!