GoldenDog (GDOG) is pleased to announce that the token was listed today on decentralized token swap UNISWAP (

Get ready for a crypto revolution!
GDOG is the token of the Free People!

When importing the GDOG token, please make sure that you will import using the OFFICIAL ERC20 Contract Wallet:


You can swap ETH for GDOG using this direct

Within 24 Hrs, the team will BURN the unsold GDOG Tokens, making the GoldenDog Project an UNIQUE Project in the Crypto World!

GoldenDog is the Currencty of the Free People!
Better than SHIBA, Better than DOGE, Better than ALL DOGGIES!

Starting this moment, EVERYONE can purchase GDOG tokens through the auction platform

You can go here:

And purchase any quantity of GDOG Tokens suits your needs.
But what have we’ve been up to until the token sale launch?

Here is a brief activity report of GoldenDog Team:


Important Security Information:

  • The $GDOG token official and only contract is:
  • Our official token sale will take place on the Gnosis Auction Platform and this is the ONLY place where you can purchase $GDOG tokens from — all other offers are fraudulent! —

Here is the direct link to the $GDOG…

Today was a Magic Day.

Vitalik Buterin is the first person on Earth to hold GoldenDog (GDOG) tokens.

We minted 100 GDOG tokens for each person in the world, a total number of 786,520,721,400 GDOG tokens.

Half GDOG supply will be sent to Vitalik’s wallet.

It comes as a first step in the worldwide adoption of the GoldenDog (GDOG) cryptocurrency — the Money for The Free People!

Official links:



“Money is just data that allows us to avoid the inconvenience of barter.” — Elon Musk.

Imagine a world where you can send money everywhere, to anyone, without a restriction, without control.

Countries like Sweden for example, eliminated completely the cash money. Their citizens use only credit/debit cards.

And everything…

Golden Dog (GDOG) aims to become a truly decentralized cryptocurrency for the entire world.

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