Living as a Property Guardian

I live as a property guardian, in part to avoid the extortionate prices of renting in London, but also to highlight the amount of wasted space in the capital.

So far, along with some of the hashtagHAARP collective, I've lived in an abandoned office block minutes from the Thames, a veteran’s club in the middle of a park, a trapped-in-time terrace in Willesden Green and a Croydon warehouse with makeshift badminton court and music room.

I’d recommend it to anybody looking for a lot of space who doesn't mind getting creative about your living arrangements. It wouldn’t be a sustainable situation for the long term though, with Guardian’s being required to move to a new property every six months or so.

Last year I spoke to the Wall Street Journal…

“For London’s young professionals, guarding is a respectable alternative to squatting. Sam Golden, 24, who works in public relations, says he learned about property guardians from a longtime squatter — who was griping about capitalists edging in on squatters’ turf.

Mr. Golden signed up with Guardians of London. Squatting “was on the fringes of the law, which is not viable for young professionals,” he said. Now he lives in a once-empty building, one tube stop away from Wembley Stadium.

Other than having to take two days off work to clean the place, which included clearing a dead pigeon off one of the two pool tables, “it worked out perfectly.”

Full article here.