You should learn the facts and sprout your Brown shirt garbage somewhere else.

Thank you for your kind reply which was interesting to read, but I do not intent to take your well meant advise.

Let me respond in kind to your comments, so hear me out since you asked for the facts.

You state that on the eve in Koln 1000 women were molested. Your statement is incorrect since up till today 2 rapes are being prosecuted.

I conclude your statements must therefore be qualified as malicious and is fear mongering of the worst kind, the kind which reminds me of the 1930’s when the brown shirts ruled Germany and later the rest of Europe. There is a tendency in Europe of nationalism, racism and fascism sticking up its ugly head.

It seems we are at the different side of the spectrum since I hold the opinion that a multi-cultural society has great advantages. We are a rich country and for me the refugees are welcome and I have invited some in my house. Also we need the immigrants since Europe is getting older and needs these people on the medium to long term. We will agree to disagree I am sure.

Also I hold the opinion that there is no way we should trivialize sexualized violence and theft and these must be prosecuted to the full extent the law allows this. One sexual assault is one too many — no matter where it took place, the color of the skin and who was involved.

The sad fact is, like in every country there is sexual violence, matter a fact Germany ranks number 6 in the world with about 6,5 million sexual assaults; number 7 is France with 3,7 million assaults; the US is on number 1 (1 in 6 U.S. women and 1 in 33 U.S. men has experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.)

According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung an average of ten reported rapes take place each year at the Munchner Oktoberfest. The estimated number of unreported cases is 200, while 440 thefts were reported last year.

In a study of 2004 on living conditions, security, and health of women in Germany it was shown that 13 percent of German women have experienced a form of criminal sexualized violence. Of this only 8 percent of these women filed a complaint with the police. Including multiple complaints, the figure decreases to 5 percent. Depending on the statistics and the country, the figure is between 1 and 9 percent of all reported cases — in Germany that number lies between 3 and 5 percent.

What is clear is that Germany has a sexism issue and a racism issue; they are deep rooted in the German culture and not imported by non-white people. In fact the color of a person his skin is totally insignificant, only for those who wish to victimize and create fear. As a Society we should move towards a culture of mutual consent and respects boundaries. And that applies to all people.

But let me review your great head-line and story about the events in Koln.

In Koln the number of complaints grew first to 652 to 1000; According to the authorities in 331 cases a sexual delict was indicated. According to Oberstaatsanwalt Ulrich Bremer up to now 739 victims have reported that they were touched, pushed, or have been robbed. Some have made together with others one single complaint, which is why there are more injured people than announcements.

Some women have given a statement upon requests by the authorities that they have been touched. The German law has a strict definition of rape. In only two cases, not 1000 there is the reproach of rape.

The police has stated that up till now 23 suspects are known of which 10 — are according to reports Moroccan citizens. The federal police identified up to 32 suspects. Out of this according to media most (22) are citizens of Tunisia, Morocco and Iraq.

According to the police 22 of the suspects should be asylum-seekers. However these prosecutions are not because of sexual offences. Three suspects have the German citizenship.

The balance of the New Year’s Eve night in Koln can be summarized as follows. According to Ministry of the Interior so: 53 emergency call applications all around the Cologne central station, In 12 cases this was about sexual offences, theft offences and predatory offences. The identity has been ascertained by 71 people. There were five arrests and eleven detentions.

Up to date 90 women have filed complaints of which 75 percent of them concerning sexual offenses. Two of them are rape cases.

Your conclusions regarding Koln are unserious and brings us back to the 1930’s and when the Kristalnacht took place when the brown shirts ruled Germany.

This will not happen again.



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