Here’s to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Week. August 1–7. What does that mean?

According to Wikipedia, it’s an annual celebration to promote the exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. There are extraordinary benefits to breastfeeding that range from developmental and growth advantages, disease protection and the proper mix of crucial nutrients.

So raise your glass to breastfeeding.

Raise your glass to cracked nipples and sticky salves, sleeping on a towel and breast pads.

Cheers to Lactation Consultants and breast pump rentals; freezing and stockpiling.

Here’s to latching on the right but not on the left; uneven boobs and boob leaks.

Cheers to nursing covers and feeding stations.

Here’s to marathon eaters and cluster feeders; spit ups and burps and gobbles and swallows.

A toast to those who tried for a while and those who are still going; to those who are nursing multiples, or babies’ years apart.

Here’s to fenugreek and blessed thistle, cabbage leaves and engorgement.

This is for the time you and your baby finally get it and those peacefully perfect moments.

Whatever your journey and whatever your story, here’s to your breastfeeding.