Saved By Your Grace
© Butch Dias 01/13/2019

Send Your grace,
Upon me now.
Use me to heal.
Please show me know.

Touch my heart,
To give them hope.
Anoint my word,
To give peace to cope.

Life’s taken a toll,
Causing much fear.
Please open the door,
For the gospel to hear.

Let Your healing now,
Like a river flow.
Throughout the world,
So they will know.

That the God in heaven,
Still hears their cries.
He will come one day,
To wipe their eyes.



Cancer Went
© Butch Dias 01/10/2016

Prayers sent,
Cancer went.
Strong forever.

In His Name,
Never the same.
Believing for healing,
Is not just a feeling.

But trust in Him,
Never give in.
Standing strong,
Oh for so long.

Let God’s life flow,
And see cancer go.
A miracle being born,
Instead of being torn.

So let’s believe,
A miracle to conceive.
A healing done,
For everyone.



Freedom Comes from God
© Butch Dias 09/02/2018

Freedom comes from God,
And where His Spirit abides.
Freedom to worship Him,
So you don’t have to hide.

With freedom comes truth,
Please don’t let it die.
Listening to false reports,
That only spews out lies.

You must be free to speak,
What God puts in your heart.
Don’t let the enemy muzzle you,
And keep you in the dark.

Be bold my patriotic friend,
Many people died for your right.
Keep sharing what is true,
Please don’t ever lose sight.

The time has come,
The time to fight.
To keep our nation’s freedom,
We must with all out might.



Facing the Giants
© Butch Dias 12/20/2018

David had a heart after God,
A young man with no fear.
Even when Goliath threatened,
And he grinned from ear to ear.

He was loaded with armor,
With a spear in his hand.
He dried out to the army of Israel,
Where’s your champion and your man?

He made fun of Israel’s army,
Every morning and every night.
He challenged them for 40 days,
To come out to the battle and fight.

David killed a lion,
And he also killed a bear.
He chose 5 smooth stones,
Goliath was unaware.

He took out his slingshot,
And put in a stone.
And struck the Philistine,
Right off his throne.

When you trust in the Lord,
Giants are no match.
When God fights for you,
There will be no rematch.



Bought With A Price
© Butch Dias 12/22/2010

You are so special,
You were bought with a price.
When you were in sin,
From a God who is nice.

When we were in darkness,
He already had His plan.
Sending His son for us,
For the redemption of man.

He paid with His life,
He dedicated for you.
His love is never ending,
If you only knew.

He paid for it in full,
With no strings attached.
Coming down from heaven,
His mercy was unlatched.

With arms opened wide,
Stretched wide on the cross.
A nail in each hand,
The insults they did toss.

With one last breathe,
He said it was done.
He paid for your sins,
Jesus, God’s only son.