No School Teach You This

There are no schools that teach this. 👨‍🏫

Its either you go hard on your hustle or you go home. 🏠

Screw the naysayers who think hard work is a cliché.

To the people that see you grinding all day and snigger behind your back… pay ZERO attention.

They’ve lost already. 👞

They think they’re smarter than you but in reality, they’re lazy and try cutting corners at every opportunity. 🚧

Just give it time, because the jokers working fewer hours while waiting for the weekend will be gone soon, just like most people in this industry.

Do you need motivation? 💵💵💵

Well, I say just get back to work. 💪

It’s the only way anything you dream about will happen. 💭

Sure, you can hope and pray that things change, but just like Gary Vee puts it…


You simply can’t live without it if you are an entrepreneur.

Stop wasting time on things that won’t pay you and start grinding with all you’ve got.

If you ever want to stop being mediocre and change your life, it must start NOW.

I had to work 20 hours a day for years just to build my freedom.

I even spent thousands on different programs just to learn the ropes and apply it to my own business.

Did I fail?

Errr…. YEAH.

More than once in fact.

Was it worth the pain? 😖😵😭

Damn, right it was.

You know what I learned from taking those crappy online courses?

Well, I came to realize that there is simply NO secret. 🎯

There is no easy way out. 😪

You simply have to hustle.

It’s the only way to be great at anything…

From Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan, to Gary Vee and even Grant Cardone, no one you admire had it easy.

Kobe, for instance, is reported to have played with a broken wrist on his right hand…🏀🏀⛹️‍♂️

See, after Kobe had his wrist break during the 1999–2000 season, John Celestand thought he had finally found a window to beat the legendary basketball player to the gym.

Given Kobe’s reputation of relentless practice at the gym, shooting in the dark hours even before practice began, Celestand thought he would have had a good chance to outwork the legend at least once (especially now that he was injured).

To his surprise, Kobe was ALREADY at the gym, early, as usual, a cast over his right arm dribbling and shooting in full sweat.

That’s called dedication to your craft! 🏆

Look if you don’t like the taste of a real hustle, this is not for you.

But if you are serious about making your dreams come true, this will sound like music to your ears. 🤑

Are there easier ways? 🤔

Sure, you can quit following your dream and look for a safe secure job with benefits.

However, if you really want to stick it to the man especially when you come from nothing, there is nothing more you should do apart from working your ass off, especially at the beginning of your journey.

Quit hanging out with people and “friends” that waste your time. 🕧🕧🕧

🛑 Stop chatting and cracking jokes all day long.
🛑 Stop scrolling Facebook excessively. 
🛑 Stop browsing YouTube videos with no beneficial objective.
🛑 Stop hanging out on WhatsApp.📱

Use that time to WORK… 🗝️

This is a bit extreme (and I’ll keep my opinion to myself), but I once heard someone say that they got rid of their partner because they were a massive energy black hole and time suck, which was taking them away from their bigger goals…


You already KNOW what you’ve got to do… 🔥🔥🔥

CC: Adeel Chowdhry