Ignoring golden visa fraud news and becoming a Portuguese and EU national!

For those who are thinking that everything about this scheme is fraudulent, that the Golden Visa Fraud news doing the rounds are true, well, here’s some good news and bad news.

Firstly, it’s not a fraud; the scheme is as legally and jurisdictionally accurate. It is an immigrant residency scheme inviting foreign nationals for a residency in Portugal. But the bad news is that there are authorities which do not have the legal power to execute the residential permits which come with it.

Benefits of Golden Visa:
If you’re someone who has €500,000 worth investing, do it in Golden Visa. To look at this from the perspective of the Portuguese government, this scheme is just a foreign investment venture. So, you’ll need to do more than just invest half a million Euros. You need to create at least ten jobs in Portugal through your investment. But the question is what do you get out of it?

First things first, it wouldn’t matter where in the world you’re from, i.e. your nationality. If you want a Portuguese residential permit, this is the way for you to it. To look at it from a personal point of view, you can live in Portugal, in the Mediterranean clime and surroundings. There’s no point in separately mentioning that it is one of the best places for a residence. Citizenship means complimentary education, health and social assistance from the Portuguese government.

However, Golden Visa is even better if you‘re someone looking at from a business point of view. Why? Well, Portugal is part of the European Schengen area. Unlike most other places in the world where you’ll need to separate passports for separate neighboring nations, a residential permit in Portugal means hassle-free permissions throughout the 26 nations falling within the Schengen clause.

So, if you’re eligible to invest in Portugal directly, you’re also eligible to invest across the Schengen area directly. With a residential permit as a Portuguese, you’re already subject to one of the most transparent and lightweight taxations in the world.

Being Aware of a Golden Visa Fraud Authority:
Don’t go for prospects which are too good to be true. Since this is a popular mechanism particularly in a booming nation like Portugal, there are some authorities who want to take advantage of investors. So, the trick to avoid a Golden Visa Scam is before any money downpour, properly checking the terms and rules rather than to its specifics. (Initial investment, Timespan for gaining citizenship as well as its pre-requisite legal procedures, taxation policies per Demographics, etc.)

Going for an organization with years under their belt and with proper government affiliations is the first pointer you need to keep in mind for avoiding Golden Visa Scam. Thereon, the rule of thumb mainly would be to go for an agency with at least ten years of solid experience in dealing with such government schemes about foreign policies. Also, you need to keep an eye out for authentic and convincing testimonies.

Either way, Golden Visa Fraud refers only to the authorities and not to the scheme itself. All you need to do for availing these scheme and the benefits which come with it is get a hold of the right authority.

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