When You Reward Bad Employers, You Get Bad Jobs
Paul Constant

Homie, I’m on your side and with all due respect, it seems evident that maybe you haven’t read up on the requisite economics based on the points you chose to focus on. First of all, Republicans don’t create bad jobs. Poor businesspeople create bad jobs, and in Seattle it’s pretty safe to assume that a lot of the businesspeople creating bad jobs actually happen to be Democrats. 
Secondly, the point you’re trying to make against capitalism and trickle-down economics in general boils down to the fact that having free markets, efficient as they may be, systematically allows for the politico-economic corruption of said markets. 
Third, as someone who’s worked in food service in Seattle and proposed organization to a number of my peers, it’s become very clear that nobody’s worried about employers moving away or automating; they’re worried about relatively basic issues like the fact that supporting any degree of organization will likely affect your opportunities for promotion and any realistic attempts at unionization will inevitably incur far more legal expenses than any group of service workers would reasonably be willing to sacrifice. It’s not that we don’t want things to get better; many of us simply understand the systemic obstacles better than the general public.