Lies, Damned Lies, and Avocado Toast

Came across this alleged breakdown of the cost of avocado toast via a friend recently and I have to respectfully disagree regarding that utterly dishonest breakdown of avocado toast.

  • I’ve taken apart a god awful amount of avocados and if you make less than three pieces of toast with one avocado you’re a neanderthal. So for two pieces of toast let’s say .66 for avo, .25 for bread (also high-balling that), and let’s throw on a dollar for butter and the fanciest cheese you can think of. We’re still at less than $2.
  • $3 for labor: Sure. Now we’re low-balling.
  • Even with $3 for everything else we’re still at $7.50, but it should be noted that in my experience most owners and/or managers tend to be far more concerned about getting miscellaneous supplies as quickly as possible and shelling out on more visible purchases to feel like they’re increasing their brand value than getting the best value out of their purchases, so when you start talking about your expenses to justify the price of your toast I have a lot of counter-questions about how you justify your expenses.

Don’t get me wrong, given the margins at most restaurants I do believe food should be more expensive, but higher prices need to correlate with higher wages rather than more padding for owners who just might not be good enough at what they do to deserve their businesses. If you can’t make money owning a restaurant then quit whining and get a job like everybody else.

And if you can afford $10 avocado toast but not a $2 tip, guess what? You can’t afford avocado toast!