Angry Blue Birds, Minimum Wage & Meritocracy
Clement Chung

No disrespect, but your arrogance in claiming you “don’t need to learn shit” about the issue considerably undermines your later suggestion that you’re interested in helping individuals out of poverty. I was on the fence about the effects of a $15 minimum before moving to Seattle three years ago but by all accounts business is booming and the people I know making minimum wage live far more comfortable lives despite the cost of living than my friends back in North Carolina, where a $15 minimum would obviously have larger repercussions.

Faith in free markets will only take you so far; what many people have yet to realize is that the issue lies in the fact that free markets inherently allow for the politico-economic corruption of those markets. In other words, dismissing certain regulations because you don’t like them is entirely inappropriate when you step back and start looking at the contexts in which you apply those regulations. Sometimes they help, sometimes they hurt. Either way, learning shit is exactly what all of us should be doing.