The Mistakes We Make: Why Liberalism is Teetering on Feet of Clay
Henry Wismayer

Not to say that there aren’t liberals who fit your mold, but claiming that liberalism rests upon an essentialized pessimism toward others is disingenuous and offensive to civilized discourse. It requires the reader to assume the same pessimism as a premise for accepting the conclusion, creating a circular argument. I understand urges to reexamine our epistemological foundations as liberals and conservatives but we also have to give each other the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the issues that define us.
From a mirrored perspective you could argue that liberals are the ones defending the social institutions that founded this country while conservatives have been bent on destroying them over insecurities about their personal freedoms, and it would be just as unhelpful. Change happens when we break the cycle of partisan feuding and do the work required to create coalitions promoting effective policies.