Project Happiness 2016

The book Encounter in Nineveh, a route to personal enlightenment makes the best reading gift for serious readers. It is a collection of philosophical essays dealing with many issues afflicting us today and brings faith and science closer together. On the question of happiness I extracted the followings:

1) Happiness is to love people who matter most in your life for what they are and accept that they may love you back in their own different ways.

2) Happiness is to co-ordinate mind and body through being active mentally, enjoying exercise, music, art and seeking enlightenment through prayer, meditation or yoga

3) Happiness is to feel completely free from all rigidities of the mind and mental obstructions. To be open minded and reflective.

4) Happiness is being brave, not afraid of: criticism, the unknown, death, etc.

5) Happiness is when the state of marriage and close relationships are never in question.

6) Happiness is when one feels that the most important things in once life are in satisfactory and relaxed order.

7) Happiness is when one is trained to simulate positive thoughts and get engaged in enjoying the present moment.

8) Happiness. is when one does not dwell on the negative and maximise the pleasure derived from the simplest positive experiences.

9) Happiness is to let one’s faith touches his soul and delivers inner peace and tranquility.

10) Happiness is to have the means do what one likes to pursue his dream.

11) Happiness is attaining a reduction in emotional fluctuation and becoming a resilience person.

12) Happiness is derived from success which is the result of the choices we make.

13) Happiness is being thankful for what we have, being in tune with nature and resisting negative whispers of the un-engaged mind.

15) Happiness is to be grateful, forgiving, generous and compassionate.

16) Happiness is avoiding worries and hates, maintaining our inner smile and enjoying deep breath.

Lasting happiness is generated from within by having the right thoughts, emotions and state of mind to deal positively with whatever life throws at you. To get to such state of mind you need to truly and deeply aspire and train to be happy.–1#customerReviews

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