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Remodeling a condo in a 50 year old building is a miserable experience. An even worse idea is doing the physical work yourself while trying to run a tech consultancy/software dev firm. Living in the space while you do it is downright masochistic. My advice: don’t.

However; if you really want to update your living conditions and have a DIY attitude, you may choose to take the work on yourself. …

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The popularity of JavaScript has risen sharply since 2000, transforming developer culture and creating opportunities to use the language in ways the world has never seen before. Unfortunately, the rapid rise in JavaScript’s popularity has also created a number of knowledge gaps.

Some of the most significant gaps are the hardest to see. Many different technologies blend together with JavaScript so well that it’s tough to tell where JavaScript ends and the other technology begins. I call this the “peanut butter” effect, because everything seems to go well with peanut butter.

The truth is, there are many different flavors of what the world calls “JavaScript”. The following breakdown is designed to differentiate each of the “flavors” from each other. …

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Austin Skyline: 2010 vs 2017

Austin continues to land in the “Best Of” news for it’s continued growth. The population growth rate currently stands at roughly 120 people per day (157 gross, ~35 people leave each day too). The lower historical cost of living in Austin led to a reputation of affordability. Combining this with a relaxed lifestyle, attractive climate, and plenty of activities produced a people magnet. Austin evolved into a destination city, and the momentum isn’t slowing down.

This progression has a significant impact on the talent pool. Austin continues to approach talent without consideration of the local impact or the manifestation of national talent concerns. …


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