Goldie Sommer: Negotiations in Real Estate

Goldie Sommer has been in the real estate business in the capacity of an attorney and a real estate agent for several decades.

You may not think that you are a negotiator, but in life we all are negotiators. Kids negotiate with parents because they want to get some candy. Spouses negotiate with each other. You negotiate with your co-workers in the office and your friends when you are not working. While some people are better at negotiating than others, it mostly happens because they have learned how others react to certain propositions and offers. Anyone can learn the skills of good negotiators by studying their techniques and doing what they do.

Even if you do not plan on becoming a professional real estate investor, buying or selling a home will most likely be the biggest transaction of your life. This is why acquiring good negotiation skills may pay off really well even if you only use them once or twice during your lifetime. If you do become a real estate investor, you will make a lot more money once you become a good negotiator. There are several principles that successful negotiators use to make deals. The first principle is not thinking about real estate deals in terms of one-sided winning. Winning also implies that there is losing happening. You do not want to win when others are losing. What you want is to reach an agreement that makes all parties happy and satisfied with the deal. Winning at the cost of someone else usually leads to deals falling apart, people acting aggressively, and having remorse. When you do learn to make deals that make everyone feel like they are winning, just like an experienced attorney like Goldie Sommer can do, you’ll build stronger relationships, create a positive reputation, and get referrals without doing any additional work.

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