Goldma Host World Renowned ICO expert and advisor, Mr Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto.

Goldma Team
Apr 23, 2018 · 3 min read
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Giovanni Lesna- Marranetto with Goldma Team at Goldma Offices in Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe 21 April 2018, Goldma had the honour and opportunity to interact in person with one of the top blockchain/startup strategist and entrepreneur, Giovanni Lesna- Marranetto. Marranetto first came to the Goldma offices in Harare, where he met the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) team for the first time. The meeting was very insightful as the team got to ask questions and gain invaluable knowledge regarding setting up ICO projects. The office tour displayed the legitimacy of the business while highlighting a highly motivated team.
Spending time and interacting with the Goldma CEO/Co-founder, Henry Jenkins; Marranetto gained more insight into the vision behind the ICO. Jenkins was focused on articulating the long-term timeline of the project and showing the project’s benefits to investors and the local people of Zimbabwe, particularly the local area at the gold mining claims.

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Giovanni Lesna Marranetto with Goldma CEO, Henry Jenkins inspecting gold found at the Goldma gold mines

The most critical showcase was the Goldma Sunrise Mine which is the basis of the GMA ICO. Goldma’s main priority during this particular visit, was to get their advisor to experience the mining world, first hand. His visit would further his understanding of the current functional mining operation. From touring the pilot processing plant to the viewing the highly developed larger processing plant; it became very evident that Goldma was more than a good idea but a well established ‘rich’ gold mine.
Being able to physically touch the gold from the mine, showed that the mine is really productive and has massive potential with sufficient funding, is virtually immeasurable since Chakari is so rich in gold that people are able to pick gold nuggets with metal detectors.

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Giovanni Lesna Marranetto with Goldma Processing Manager, Albert Potgieter

Lastly, Goldma highlighted the societal challenges that it plans to tackle as part of its corporate responsibility initiative. Giovanni acknowledged that this would make the company worth investing in because investors would be contributing to a better life for the Chakari locals.
Overall, Goldma managed to demonstrate to its advisor that it is a well-oiled machine; that’s ready to reach new heights of production and definitely worth investing in.
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