Why my dream doesn’t matter?

My parents decide what I dream…

My 13th birthday is at 2 of march, I wanted a DSLR camera so badly cause all I want is to be a photographer, and there is no more doubt! I already look at many DSLR camera reviews on Youtube and all the cameras was great! Totally the Canon one. I love making video and taking picture. It’s my passion. But everyone keep thinking about my age, I’m a 13 years-old girl and already think about camera and stuff that adult understand more than I do?

Yes, I get it, that I’m a 13 years old and still young and just stepping in to the world. But it doesn’t mean in a 13 years old who acted like ten years old? This the twentieth century! There’s internet that you can discover literally everything! And now you still think about the era where internet not yet exists? MOVE ON. This is a new era, all people discover what they wanted to be.

I’m so disappointed at my parents, why they keep me away from my dream being who I am? I remember clearly when my dad used to said to me when I was in first grade, “You must be a doctor. And you must be smart to be a doctor. They can heal people, and got more money.” And I was just a young girl, just a kid, and of course I just do what he said. Even I always said I want to be a doctor, I never was smart. All my maths and science lesson is C. since I got into third grade, I was a disaster on that lessons. So I start all over again on what I wanted, and I feel photography and writing literally fits me. Fits who I am right now and forever! And I won’t let someone, or my parents, my family, to get me on the way to be who I am rather follows other people.

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