Reflections about turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday. Someone younger than me at work asked me if I feel some kind of “switching a decade” crisis. Well… my immediate response was: “Not really, I feel exactly the same as any other birthday, or any other day for that matter”. Then he mentioned that “If you think about it — you are starting your 4th decade today”, this time he got my attention.

The truth is that the numbers don’t really matter much, it’s just a good excuse to reflect and think about where you are, what you accomplished, and what you want in the future.

Most of my friends already celebrated their 30th birthday this year, and some of them even had great surprise parties (including my wife). My day made me feel very happy and content with the day itself and my life in general. It was quite an ordinary day: I started at work, had a great lunch at a restaurant I like with my wife, son and two good friends to note my coming of age, and it continued to an after-noon with my son and wife — most of it at home.

So why am I so happy you might ask? There was nothing special about this day… Well the magic is in the details:
I got up and went to a workplace I love going to, like I do every morning, to spend time doing what I love, with people I care about and learn so much from for about 4.5 years now. I got to eat a great lunch with my wife who I love and adore and my son who I am crazy about, alongside two of my best friends. Then I got to spend more time with my wife and son at home at a time I am usually working and missing my son who is healthy, beautiful, chubby, and basically the cutest of all babies (I am not objective, but still…), eating a bit of tomato juice and making a mess all around — nothing can describe it better than absolute joy and happiness. On top of that I received calls and messages from family and friends who all want the best for me.

What more can a person ask?

I love my “ordinary” life, and hope to keep enjoin my career, family and friends. What I wish for myself is to have the ability to experience and identify all those great little (extra) ordinary things in life, on each and every day and not only on the “special” ones. When every day is as “ordinary” as today I can’t wait to start my 4th decade and enjoy every day of it!

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