Varsity 2020 Squad Announcement

Goldsmiths, University of London Hockey Club’s captain, India Whitty has named her Varsity match squad for the 29th February 2020 at St. Dunstan’s College, Jubilee Ground. The squad contains 10 previous varsity colours players as they look to regain the varsity cup from the University of the Arts, London.

Saturday 29th February 2020, 13:00 Push Back
St. Dunstan’s College, Jubilee Ground, SE6 4SW

Join us for the big day!

  1. I.C. Whitty (Cap)
  2. J. Kenyon (V Cap)
  3. A. Birch
  4. L. Blackman
  5. M. Conrad
  6. T. Dennis
  7. N. Dhillon
  8. A. Gooding
  9. I. Grubb
  10. F. Henderson-Morrow
  11. D. Howell
  12. M. James
  13. P. Krause
  14. C. Lax-Tanner
  15. C. McConnell
  16. G. Saunders
  17. J.K.Y. Tang
  18. J. Trollope

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The official Medium blog of the Goldsmiths, University of London Hockey Club

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