Mendy Levy: A Pillar Of Support To The Aging Community

In Mendy Levy, you have a committed Jew who has the precepts and teaching of the holy text, at his fingertips. He has a happy family to support him, and he uses the support that he gets from his family to serve the community, at large. It is common to find self-centered people, but you will rarely come across those who commit themselves to the cause of the society. But doing charitable work happens to be the inspiration for this ultra-orthodox Jew who has a thorough knowledge of Chabad Chassidus and Torah.

Offers bereavement counseling

You will be inspired and amazed to note that Menachem Mendel levy regularly spends nine hours at the VITAS chaplain. The latter happens to be the region’s biggest hospice provider. The man plays his part in offering bereavement counseling to the old and the aging community. What exactly is bereavement counseling? You know that someone in your family is on his death bed. You are mentally prepared but are unable to come to terms with the loss. Under such a circumstance, it is all but natural to look for a touch of solace and that of counseling.

He is always available

As a representative and a dedicated member of Chabad, Mendy Levy counsels people who are on the verge of bereavement. You can access him throughout the day, and even at the odd hours of the night. That’s because he never sticks to the stipulated nine hours of work operation. It is a fact that death doesn’t have a set time clock. Even after your loved one has passed away, you can turn to Levy’s counseling. He guides the bereaved in such a way that they are once again able to rethread the tattered pieces of their life.

Offers to counsel the dying and ailing

The dedicated Jew also provides anticipatory counseling to people who have been suffering over a long span of time. Death is inevitable, but when people are in their death bed, they find themselves spiritually inclined. Even if they were never religious before, the fact that death is near at hand opens their mind up to the ways of God. Here again, Levy’s spiritual therapy works wonder on people waiting in the wing for their last call.

A source of support

In this context, it is interesting to note what Menachem Mendel levy has to say regarding the anticipation of death. On realizing that death is near, people become more god-fearing than before. Hence, they become keen on doing small unremembered works of charity, which they had never done before. At that moment, they are on the lookout for a hand of support. What they need is a listening ear so that the dying and ailing can reflect over what they had done, and things that they have left unfinished. Now, it is not difficult to understand how Levy stands out as a pillar of support.

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