“The All-Seeing Eye” appears on the Russian city of Chelyabinsk

Conspiracy theorists are lately worried about the imminent introduction of a secret plan by the world elite, we are talking about the Blue Beam Project or also called the false alien invasion. The purpose of this, to stop the current President of the United States Donald Trump. Apparently the global elite is allegedly planning to implement the Blue Beam Project before the end of this 2017.(The All-Seeing Eye)

And as you know, the Blue Beam project is a secret operation led by the Illuminati in which an alien invasion or the second coming of Christ are part of a great conspiracy to deceive humanity into accepting the New World Order. Moreover, it would already be being tested in all parts of the world by anomalous phenomena in our skies, which include UFOs or strange flying objects . But now a video recorded on March 30 shows what looks like a giant eye on the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.(The All-Seeing Eye)

Blue Beam in Russia?

Apparently, the “eye” appeared in the early morning hours of this March 30 near the Chelyabinsk railway station, a city known for the meteor that exploded on February 15, 2013, causing a shock wave that Affected more than a thousand people. The witnesses of the strange phenomenon were astonished by the scene that they were witnessing, reason why they decided to record it with his Smartphone for later to publish it in the social networks.(The All-Seeing Eye)

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