This is why the Anunnaki came to earth

Many support the fact that all the stories about the ancient gods go back to a common source: that of the ancient Anunnaki . But what is the true story behind the ancient Anunnakis? Are they really the creators of humanity? What are the chances that our civilization is the product of a super advanced alien race that visited Earth in the distant past? As many of you already know, it is believed that the ancient Anunnaki came to Earth; And mixed their DNA with a primitive species of Earth to create modern humanity. Among other translations, many claim that Anunnaki means “They have come from Heaven to Earth.” This somewhat ‘controversial’ theory is not accepted by all and some believe that it is ridiculous to think something like this really happened. However, for some mysterious reason, almost all the ancient texts that speak of the creation of humanity tell the story of how they created us ‘gods’ in their image and likeness and that at some point these gods will someday return to Earth .

Is it possible that these “gods” are the so-called Anunnaki ?

Many people firmly hold that there was indeed a time when ‘Giants’ came to earth, and the ancient Sumerians were living with their gods, the Anunnaki. These mysterious gods — who came from the heavens — created humanity. Thousands of years ago, they may have walked among mortal humans.

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