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User Interface Designer sees an existing design and thinks, “Hey! Look at that! Let me make it pretty :-)”

User Interface designers spend most of their time making things look pretty. That is why you find most UI designers being highly active on design-centric networks like Dribbble, Instagram and Behance. Some would call UI young and vibey. It is a very showy environment, the ultimate status symbol being thousands of likes and followers. Criticsm is often met with reverse criticssm or ignored or politely acknowledged and then ignored.

User Experience Designer sees the same thing UI Designer saw and thinks, “I wonder a) How this design’s decisions were arrived upon, b) what was going through the mind of designer as they created this and finally c) it would be interesting to find out how will user research findings including post-design feedback will help increase the values of key performance indictors.” …

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It’s 9:21pm

I have just completed another project — yes, I really did my part. Not the whole 9 yards. No. More like all the way to edge of the world. I think the word i am searching for is frazzled.

Do I expect to get 5 star ratings?


Will I ask the client to give them?

Hell, no.

I don’t have to.

I have fought more than just the good fight.

Goddammit, I just slaughtered Goliath.

I will get my 5 stars.


So hey, you also want to know how to get Top-rated and stay Top-rated on Upwork?


Read on.

DISCLAIMER: You may feel some discomfort here and there while reading this. …

We’re drowning in catch-phrases and no one will save us. It looks like someone did a good job of convincing the universe of user experience designers and copywriters that fewer words had the strongest impact.

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What boggles the mind is how few is too few and at which point does it cross over to clever-sounding nonsense?

Granted, some of the huge brands have a large portion of humanity in their pockets — so if they just a phrase like something like “Do better”, someone somewhere out there has spasms of joy.


Yes, maybe the age of tech has reached a point where no single feature is new or innovative, but a simple modification of their messages would sound more human and resonate with millions. …

One would argue that User Experience design is one of the most misunderstood professions of the mordern era.

Asking a designer to define roles can be daunting task. Try it, ask them what these roles listed below actually do:

  • Art Director
  • Product Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Interaction Designer


Let’s take a look at this image for a second:

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To help this explanation, let’s rename the part named “User Experience” to Path B and the part labelled “Design” to Path A.

There is no doubt that research was taken out before Path A was designed by the architects or road planners. …


Because NOT everyone wants to hear me give a glowing review about how my dog finished its breakfast this morning before I finally reveal what they have been searching for at the 29th minute. As I am discovering new stuff every day — it will be shared.


Morph one shape into another into After Effects

10 — October 2017

After much YouTubing I finally got a tutorial to help me figure out how to morph shapes into each other:

  1. Create an Adjustment Layer above the elements you want to morph.
  2. Add the “Simple Choker” effect from the Effects Library
  3. Increase the “Simple Choker” Choke Matte in the Layer Panel.
  4. Move your shapes closer to each and they will start to morph.
  5. Edit shapes and transitions to suit your needs.
  6. Done!
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Daily UI [ #DailyUI ] Challenge: With Downloadable Files:


I have a burning desire to improve so I will update this project daily until exactly 100 days from now. After which I will do 30-day challenges until I can build entire interface from scratch in one day. Join me on Behance on my journey.

So here goes:

Hopes To Create Websites That Design Themselves

Many professionals take years to learn web design but still fail to do it right, and newbies are cast in the deep waters – that is were “The Grid” comes in: to help your website to design itself using artificial intelligence.

Your probably missed:Best User Interface Designers Typical users will only have to upload their images and text from anywhere, even from other websites or YouTube and it will analyze the content and produce a responsive site in a few minutes. It will achieve this using intelligently adaptive (using Grid Style Sheets).

It will:

  • Digitally enhance photos
  • Do automatic spell-checking and auto-correction.
  • It will look at the low- and high-contrast areas in your images and place text…

Two months ago I was asked by an old colleague about what I felt was that x-factor that made me the best user interface designer in Durban. My somewhat naive answer was that I was simply “awesome”. While that was true, it was also extremely vague and vain.

The good thing was that our conversation sparked a deep curiosity in me to really discover the not-so-secret habits of the best designers of top brands in the world and what made them rise to super-stardom while the rest of us floundered in the abyss of obscurity.

You probably missed: Best user interface designers on…

As I discuss how to decide on price of design, it could help a lot if you stop worrying about the price of India or America and focus on your pricing. I am in South Africa. I earn enough to afford myself the occasional holidays from December to January on any place on the planet.

As a Freelance Designer or Design Firm:

You need to stop listening to people talking about how cheap the cost of design is in Africa or Asia. You need to close your ear to client talking about how cheap their previous designers were.

You need to erase all conversations that justified cheap pricing of design. You need to stop being such a wimp, just grit your teeth and continue reading. You do not have to thank me, my clients pay me enough. While you moan and groan and battle to pay your bills, I just ordered 3 iPhone 6′s for myself, my girlfriend and my 16 month year old son. Why? Because I can. …


Read full story with graphics on:

User Interface designers are that rare breed of individuals that build those beautiful layouts that we spend 50 to 65% of our lives staring at. Some of them are like rock stars in the design communities and some of them are obscured behind corporate non-disclosure agreements that will make seasoned attorneys cringe in fear. Their work may probably never be seen in the public domain.

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These one in a 100 million digital artists listed in this list of the best user interface designers will be updated weekly as we continue our search for the true top 10 user interface designers and data visualisation experts in the world. …


Thuso Mbedzi

Designer at Toptal

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